We need new equipment!

One thing we excel at in Celebrants is being good stewards of money. Every penny is stretched as far as it can go to best utilize what God has entrusted to us.

An example of our good stewardship is the sound system. The majority of it is 20 years old(older than some team members), and has been all over the world. We’ve flown and driven our equipment millions of miles, and they’ve held up well — repairs/duct tape as needed — but they are showing their age. They don’t sound like they used to, and things are breaking down more and more. There are much better things on the market that can raise our concert quality to the next level. It’s time for the next generation of sound equipment to take us through the next decade of ministry.

We’re trying to raise $15,000 for the first team of all new equipment focused on 3 things: Durability, Audio Quality, and Transportability.

Durability – The equipment needs to last at least 10 years and accrue its own millions of miles

Audio Quality – We aim for a high musical concert quality, and need audio equipment that can keep up.

Transportability – Air travel has considerably changed over the last 20 years, and weight requirements are much more stringent.

We’ve selected equipment to fit these goals and created a list of prices for the main items. NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP TO GET US THERE!

What can you do?

Donate below, every bit helps!


Pick out a piece of equipment from the list to “buy” for us and write it in the description box. e.g. speaker
Note: you can put in the amount after clicking the paypal Donate button.

Donate for New Equipment

4 Electro-Voice Speakers$500 /ea
1 Electro-Voice Subwoofer$800
4 Speaker bags$100 /ea
2 Electro-Voice Vocal Monitors$329 /ea
8 Audio-Technica Instrument Microphones$279 /ea
Yamaha Digital Soundboard Package$6000
6 Chauvet White LED stage lights$399 /ea
4 Chauvet color LED stage lights$150 /ea
Chauvet Light board$179

Nels on a ferry in South America

Nels Herring has worked and traveled with Celebrants for 8 years as a sound technician and assistant director on the bus, and technical guru in the office. He knows firsthand the state of celebrant sound equipment and has shouldered the main responsibility of fixing and keeping everything running. He mixes sound professionally in the community and spends his summers “on the road” with Celebrants.

Would you like more info about our sound equipment campaign? Send Nels a message!

The 7th Annual Bowl-A-Thon

Shine up the ball….oil up the lanes….lace up your shoes….limber up that arm….get your team together….raise lots of sponsorship….and prepare to have a ton of fun!

It’s CELEBRANT SINGERS Bowl-A-Thon time again!

Sunday afternoon, April 30th marks the 7th annual fundraiser for our summer outreaches. We’re currently seeking lane sponsors and motivated teams to make this event another God-honoring success! The annual WorldTouch Bowl-A-Thon not only helps fund our summer outreaches, but brings the community together in fellowship and the celebration of God’s faithfulness. It’s a wonderful opportunity to have fun with CELEBRANTS of the past, community members who generously contribute their time and finances to help send us out, as well as families and church communities that all come together for an exciting time in Visalia, CA. Don’t miss this event! Get involved! Build a team… sponsor a lane….. come and bowl with us! For more information reach out to Barry Sjostrand, our Director of Development, at 800-321-2500 Ext. 4005.


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CASMEC Conference


This year our CS Admissions Dept. headed to San Jose, CA for the annual California All-State Music Education Conference. Admissions Director, Myriam Stemkoski, spent the weekend in February speaking and sharing our ministry vision with people from all over California.

The conference brings Music Educators together from throughout the State and Mimi, along with Admissions Counselor, Josiah Smith, attended and participated in search of future Celebrants!

Get Involved!

When we’re on the road ministering the gospel, we often wish our prayer and financial support partners could be right there with us…to see, feel and experience all of the marvelous ways God works through us. Most of the time it’s not possible, so we try to share it the best we can through our testimonies and photos. Please know that your prayer and financial support places you right there with us on the mission field.
When the Body of Christ works together properly, amazing things happen. People’s lives change. CELEBRANT SINGERS are goers and you can be a sender. We both need each other and we each play an important role. Together we can make a difference in the churches and parishes of the United States and in the lives of thousands on the mission field! Here are some concrete ways…

God bless you for your generosity!

WorldTouch Partners
A very dedicated group of people from all over America pray regularly for us and contribute anywhere from $20 to $500 monthly via “automatic payment” from their bank… we call them our WorldTouch Partners. They undergird the ministry with prayer and help provide a solid, consistent base of support to help us fulfill our calling. Contact Barry Sjostrand to join this important group!

Our two 1984 vintage buses desperately need to be replaced. We’re looking for special gifts of $500, $1,000, $5,000 or even more to make this a reality by Summer 2017. The timing is perfect to include us in your year end giving! Perhaps God has blessed you financially this year… maybe you’ve even received an inheritance of some kind… want to put it to good use? Invest it in the Kingdom of God through the CS bus fund! Please contact Joe Enea, Barry Sjostrand or Jon Stemkoski regarding this opportunity!

More than ever before, as we approach our 40th Anniversary, we need volunteer assistance. Making phone calls, data entry, locating Celebrant alumni, stuffing envelopes, etc. are only a few of the areas of need. We’d love to include you! Please contact Chelsea (Stemkoski) Herman to join our growing volunteer team!

A gift of $15,000 will replace outdated sound and lighting equipment, $3,000 will send an International Celebrant from a third world country on the road for 10 weeks!
$1,000 a month ($12,000 annually) will support a fulltime CS office worker… We need two!
$500 a month ($6,000 annually) will provide for a part-time CS office worker… We need three!

Please contact our Director of Ministry Advancement, Barry Sjostrand at 800-321-2500 x 4005, for any of these opportunities.


Our very own Myriam Stemkoski has recently founded HIS PRESENCE MINISTRY, a sister ministry and additional outreach of Stone Ministries, Inc., to help accommodate her growing speaking and preaching ministry. She plans to share an intimate and personal message from God with all that she encounters.

Stone Ministries President (and husband!) Jon says, “I’m very proud of what God is doing in Mimi’s life. I fully endorse and support this new endeavor.”

Myriam stated, “My desire is to bring people back to the heart of God… Restore their God-intended identity… Challenge them to walk passionately and intentionally with Jesus, and make disciples.”

Myriam is available for speaking engagements of many sorts (Youth retreats, women’s ministry, etc.) throughout 2017.

For more information: