Rehearsal Camp

While preparation for each outreach begins long before the first service, it culminates in a training and rehearsal camp (10 days for Summer teams, 5 days for Reprise! teams) in a retreat centre, not far from our home office in Visalia, California.

After completing the application process, being accepted and raising the necessary missionary support, team members gather at rehearsal camp for an intense time of musical and spiritual preparation.

Concert Ministry

The most visible part of our ministry takes place in the concert setting. Every night we sing and share the love of Jesus with hundreds of people.

Our services are more than concerts however, they are times of worship and praise… ministry unto the Lord and to His people. In addition to the praise and worship music, team members share testimonies and give personal witness to God’s power and love at work in their lives.

At the close of each service there is a time of prayer and commitment. Each Celebrant has regular opportunities to be involved in one-on-one prayer and counseling. Night after night lives are eternally changed by God’s power and love.

International Ministry

Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel!” CELEBRANT SINGERS take His command seriously “to go where His light is dim and His voice is heard small.”

Each of our teams are regularly involved in special overseas ministry outreaches. Through the years we’ve seen that music can be used as a powerful tool in international settings, often allowing us to minister in places that would be closed to traditional missions methods. Albania, Bulgaria and Cuba are prime examples of this. In each of these nations, CELEBRANT SINGERS were the first outside teams in decades allowed to proclaim the gospel in open public meetings.

Life on the Road

While travelling with CELEBRANTS your vision will be greatly expanded. In giving you’ll receive and discover how to use the spiritual gifts God has placed in you. In pre-service prayer you’ll grow with your team through intercession and the power of praise and worship. Through each evening concert the presence of the Holy Spirit working through the music, testimonies and our lives will become real, precious and powerful.

On the bus – your home away from home – you’ll have the opportunity to experience a fantastic depth of community with your teammates and enjoy quality time for consistent study of the scriptures.

In everyday road life you’ll step out in new areas of personal ministry. Your faith will be tested and tried. You’ll see and experience God’s provision in new ways. You’ll be built up and edified by seeing the reality of God’s life-changing power every day. He’ll use you as an instrument to make a difference in many hurting lives. These things are “life on the road” with CELEBRANTS….you’ll never be the same.

Personal Growth

Ministry with CELEBRANT SINGERS is a life-changing experience. You’ll grow musically, spiritually and socially as you allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through you.

But singing for Jesus is not the sum total of our work. It’s the daily living out of our relationship with Him… being His hands and feet to a world in need.

Much of our ministry takes place “off the platform”… in host families… at a lunch stop… in a shopping mall… far away from the applause and the public view. For us ministry is more than just words and music – it’s love… compassion… interest in the people… taking time to touch lives one… by one… by one.

Missionary Support

As a team of travelling missionaries, we are responsible for raising a portion of our prayer and financial support (this amount represents just one-third of the total ministry costs of maintaining teams on the road here in North America and overseas). This is often accomplished by sharing your unique ministry opportunity with family, friends, your home church or parish, etc., and securing the necessary prayer and financial support commitments.

When the total amount is raised, each team member travels with all living expenses paid (food, lodging, flights, ground transportation, etc.) as a guest of Stone Ministries, Inc./ Celebrant Singers. All contributions toward your support are tax deductible in the United States and are promptly receipted. SPECIAL NOTE: A $495.00 initial deposit is required to secure your position on the team. This non-refundable deposit is considered part of the overall ministry support amount. This initial deposit not only secures your position, but also helps cover some of the costs of music preparation, concert outfits, visa applications, consular fees, etc.

If this is your first experience in raising missionary prayer and financial support, know that God is not limited by your unusual need or circumstances. It’s encouraging to note that since our inception in 1977 we’ve never failed to see God’s miraculous provision in this area. If you are willing to surrender to Him… trust Him… and work diligently toward the goal, He’ll make every provision for you too! With God all things are possible!

Want more info about joining Celebrants?

What an encouraging outreach this has been for me. I have felt privileged to pray with many people. One that stands out for me was in Fresno, CA.

I‘d asked the Lord to use me in miraculous ways and that night I felt prompted to pray with a particular lady who was crying. As it turns out, she had just received a report from the doctor that the baby she was carrying would likely be born with Spina Bifida, a birth defect in which the backbone and spinal canal do not close before birth. We prayed together for the healing of her baby and a few days later after a doctor’s appointment, the report came back that the baby was completely healed!

The doctors were completely amazed because they could find absolutely nothing wrong with the baby! Praise the Lord for His healing power.

Giovanna DeGiorgio, Soprano
2011 Reprise! Team (Canada)

During this short outreach the Lord has done so much in my life. I thought I was here to minister to others but God has really ministered to me. Two areas in my life have been greatly impacted.

First of all, I feel as though a massive weight has been lifted off my back. One night as we were worshiping, I felt the Lord tell me to let go. I’d asked for forgiveness of my sins but was still dwelling on it. That night I completely let go of it and felt a great relief.

Secondly, my prayer life has dramatically changed. Before, when I prayed I could never seem to find the right words. Now my daily prayer life has come alive and I feel God’s presence and direction as I pray. It’s been really cool just to sit, pray and listen to God!

This has been such an amazing experience for me.

James Hill, Sound Technician
2011 Reprise! Team (Canada)