Bring a Celebrant Team to Your Community!

Imagine the excitement of seeing the CELEBRANT SINGERS bus pull into your church or parish parking lot. Imagine the anticipation of seeing a team of dedicated, talented, prayerful, Celebrants prepare for a musical celebration of God’s goodness. The singers, the orchestra, the lights, the music, the testimony, the prayer….. this could be more than a dream; you can make it a reality! CELEBRANT SINGERS is more than “just another music group”, they are a committed, dedicated team of spiritual workers who love Jesus, have heard the call of God, and are serious about the gospel! Since founder and president, Jon Stemkoski, launched the first one in 1977, CELEBRANT SINGERS teams have carried the gospel to over 8 million people in all 50 states and 100 countries. CELEBRANT SINGERS music is powerful… worshipful… inspirational… and for the entire family. You’ll enjoy the sweet spirit of worship and praise, the inspiring testimonies, and contemporary gospel songs. You’ll love the genuine warmth and special ministry of all the Celebrants, but most of all, you’ll experience Christ’s love through their anointed music and personal ministry.

Call us at (800) 321-2500, e-mail us, or fill out the form today!

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“Ministry that is full of love and faith. Don’t miss having them at your place of worship!”

Mr. Allen (Southern California)

“The concert was excellent! The sharing by Jon Stemkoski touched and blessed the hearts of all gathered. Our lives will NEVER be the same…”

Kathie (sponsor, Ohio)

“God bless you, it was a unique moment. It’s moments like these that make us different people. Thank you!”

Ana (Portugal)