CELEBRANT SINGERS is the perfect place for you to use your musical or technical gifts for God on the mission field. Whether you’re a vocalist, instrumentalist, technician, ASL Interpreter or even a bus driver, we have opportunities for you to serve.

There are two possible levels of involvement:

Summer Ministry

The Summer Ministry program provides an opportunity for participants to have a unique international missions experience. In this packed 10-week outreach, participants will travel to approximately 60 cities in North America and at least one country overseas. Through your ministry to thousands of people from all walks of life, you’ll grow in faith and love as you come to understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and a minister to His people. Though ideally suited for high school/college students and post-college young adults, this program is available to anyone who meets the audition requirements and has the summer free.

  • Age requirements: 18-35
  • Time commitment: 10 weeks (June, July, August).
    Includes 10-day rehearsal camp, and 2 week overseas outreach
  • Financial commitment: Missionary Support amount $4895.00


The Reprise! program is similar in structure to the Summer program, only on a shorter time track. Reprise! is the perfect option for working professionals, retirees and anyone unable to participate for the entire summer. The age range is also considerably broader allowing more people the opportunity to be involved.

  • Age requirements: 18-80
  • Time commitment: 3 weeks (January-February / July-August).
    Includes 5-day rehearsal camp, and 10-day overseas outreach
  • Financial commitment: Missionary Support amount $3295.00

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