“Praise God for all that you continue to do as a ministry and as individuals – spreading the Good News.  Listening to your music brings calm, peace, joy and all the heavenly gifts of the Mighty One and His Holy Spirit.”
Angelina, United Arab Emirates

“It was a wonderful concert in Columbus, IN!  Very uplifting and great worship!  I drove 70 miles roundtrip just to visit the parish and attend this concert, but it was totally worth all the driving for the spiritual gains and prayer.  Thanks for visiting us in Indiana again!” 
Carl, IN

“Thank you for sharing the Good News at Saint Bridget of Ireland Parish.  May the Lord continue to bless your good works.  All glory to God!”
Father Ed McAuley, Stamford, CT

“The ‘talk of the town’ is the performance the group did last weekend! We truly were touched by their songs and stories! Our prayers are with you and your missions!”
Faye, West Covina, CA

“Thank you to all the members and to Jon. It was a magnificent experience with Celebrant Singers here in the parish. Everybody was absolutely moved. And myself, I thought it was an extraordinary experience. Thank you very much and you are welcome to come here again.”
Fr. Jorge Roman, Mammoth Lakes, CA

“Our Church responded to hosting Celebrant Singers with love and acceptance. We truly enjoyed the night and fellowship. We are always excited about Celebrant Singers coming to Cameron Creek!”
Rev. Elzie Quinn, Visalia, CA

“Everyone was very impressed and had so many positive comments about the concert!”
Fr. Bill Welch, Snowflake, AZ

“Missing a Celebrant Singers concert is missing an opportunity to renew and strengthen your faith. The sacredness of their music is not in pipes, but in the message they proclaim. Simply, it’s that Jesus loves us… each and every one of us… just the way we are.”
Joe Siccardi, Editor Catholic Standard Washington, DC

I just attended your concert at my parish, Saint Patrick’s in Merced. I want to thank you and all of the singers for a powerful, prayerful and awesome concert. Keep doing what you are doing spreading God’s word through music. I will keep you all in my prayers for your future concerts and you are always welcome back. God Bless you.
Jose Acoba, Merced, CA

“It was a great evening for the community.”
Deacon Terry, Quincy, IL

“It’s always enjoyable having Celebrant Singers and witnessing their enthusiasm and the depth of their Faith. We heard only positive comments about the program and the team. The host families loved having them in their homes too!”
Fr. Thomas H. Dolezal, Emporia, KS

“We were very impressed with this group, not only their passion for our Lord but the level of musical talent! Thank you for taking time to stop in Indiana!”
Marcy Renken, Indianapolis, IN

“Our church responded very positively. Some attendees said they wished that their churches had announced the concert so others could have attended. Everyone from Trinity with whom I spoke was very positive about the experience. Keep up the good work. Your ministry is needed in our Nation and around the World. God’s blessings on all of you!”
Pastor Debbie Derby, Reading, PA

“Jon Stemkoski and his ‘Celebrant Singers’ have brought much peace and love and joy into many hearts through their singing of God’s love, mercy and tenderness. They have made many sacrifices to bring this joy everywhere they go.”
From a letter written by Mother Teresa to His Holiness, Pope John Paul II

“You must keep doing what you are doing. Our world needs your message now more than ever.”
Spoken by His Holiness Pope John Paul II to Jon Stemkoski during a private audience at the Vatican.

Fox News Commentator Cal Thomas on the impact of Celebrant Singers